3dsViz.com – Ion Cocarcea – Business was founded in 2018, Vienna, initially for software development but soon grew to offer much more to its clients. From web development to outsourcing servicing, 3d interactive applications, we developed expertise in no time at all.

Outgrowing the realm of software development, ouor team has grown to incorporate the following digital creativity services into its portfolio of offerings:

Web development | Desktop Development | Interactive 3D Applications | 3D Modeling | 3D Rendering | 3D Animation | 3D Visualization

Our team aims to advise and assist the clients in meeting the requirements set for a final result. Not only do we have professional teams for each of our offerings but the latest technology and equipment as well, meaning that you will be able to get the best value for your buck. We are constantly engaged in research and development to build up on our expertise, meaning that we are ready for putting in the hard work, which might be required for delivering on your projects in the best possible manner!

So there is only one phrase that can pop up into your mind: the sky is the limit!